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Over the years of diving and training, we added a few select programmes to complement our courses.

These are affiliate links and we earn a small commission when you buy using those links at no extra cost for you and sometimes even a discount.

“Human Factors in Diving” is a crucial part of understanding and improving your safety while diving. This is not only about how to learn from mistakes but also how to reduce complacency.

There are two easy ways to get started with either an essentials class, web based training: Human Factors in Diving – Micro Class or the book for reading: Under Pressure Book.

If you choose to do your training with us in sidemount or just want to improve your skills before and after the next training, we highly recommend Steve Martin`s online video training.

If you use the code jcmg-2thg-zp2w at checkout, it will save you 10% on his online course packages!